Dear Well Connected Now community,

After matching 250+ professionals, entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, and therapists through Well Connected Now's career clinic, I am starting Columbia University this Fall ’17 to become a Therapist.

Well Connected Now (WCN)’s mission has been to rebrand mental health and provide more trustworthy and accessible support for professionals and entrepreneurs.

By personally matching professionals with mentors, coaches, and therapists, WCN has helped people dissatisfied with their lives or careers find just the right support, plus navigate the broken mental health system more effectively.

By integrating coaching and mentoring, we’ve established a more preventative and approachable therapy referral service, as well as fought the stigma through creative content marketing.

Especially thanks to my dearest friends, advisors, and supporters who shared ideas, referrals, and encouragement that helped shape Well Connected Now:

  • Our community has grown to 1500+ professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world (30% growth YoY), and >500 specially selected mentors, coaches, and therapists
  • 97% of our clients reported being very satisfied with their mentor, coach, and therapist matches & life/career consultations
  • 95% of our clients said they would very likely recommend WCN to their loved ones

Now I’m eager to partner more closely with professionals and entrepreneurs on facing & reframing mental health challenges as a therapist.

What does this mean for WCN?

  • Well Connected Now’s career clinic / referral services model will evolve into a personal health & professional success blog you can follow on
  • I will no longer be matching clients with mentors, coaches, or therapists as I start my Columbia Masters in Social Work classes, and begin practicing therapy with my first field practicum caseloads in the Bay Area (Fall 2017- Spring 2019).
  • I'll continue to honor our confidentiality agreement around any shared Personal Health Information for 7 years from our last consultation.

Considering seeing or referring someone to a coach or therapist?

As I reflect on the last 2 and a half years, I am especially grateful for all the kind and smart people I've gotten to talk to about mental health. From founders, investors, and executives to marketers, lawyers, and engineers, "successfully struggling" professionals from all over the world have turned to Well Connected Now for support in ways I only dreamed about 3 years ago.

Now let's stay in touch and keep rooting for each other's dreams to come true.


Take care & talk more soon,

Lisa Abdilova